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Get Siver-Tone like Brian May

Get SILVER-TONE @ Si's Music.

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[ Also see our solid silver shillings below for pure Silver-Tone ]

One of  Britains most respected guitar players Brian May of Queen used a silver sixpence when playing. You can now get the same silver-tone like Brian @ Si's Music.

 From 1920 - 46 George V and VI because they are 50% silver like Brians.

Our sixpences are graded so they are of a collectable standard [ no scrap ]

A real bargin sixpence plectrum. 

 2.25p each includes uk p+p

If you are looking for a special date sixpence email us we may have it!!!


A super investment or special present for bigger hand players and pure Silver-Tone

Pre 1920 Silver Shillings pure 925

 Silver Shilling specs 5.7 grams and a diameter of 24 mm

From 1920 silver content in the shilling was reduced to 50% from 92.5%

Our pre 1920 shillings are 92.5% silver and priced depending on coin date and grade.


King George V 1915 Silver Shilling.  Grade fine + [ 2 in stock ]

Price includes p+p in the uk. 3.65p each [very collectable condition]